My new Six Chuter Paragon PPC Adventure!

On December 5, 2016, the engine on the N.O.V.A. Cop-Ter seized and is now no longer operational.  I have been weighing my options for a long time, and after much thought, I have decided to get into PPC (powered parachute) flying and to buy a Six Chuter PPC instead of fixing the N.O.V.A. Cop-Ter.  This new adventure has already begun, and am anxiously waiting for my Six Chute Paragon AM kit to arrive.  If all goes according to plan, I will be up and flying my Paragon AM PPC before the summer of 2018.  See the "Six Chuter Paragon AM" link at the top of this page to learn more.

In the interim, as I don't want to stop flying, I have fixed up a once, non-flying Sportcopter Gyro, and am flying it presently.  Here are some videos of me flying the Sportcopter Gyro.  Enjoy!

​​My History of Flying
Sgt. Charlie Wakamatsu

   I  started my law enforcement career in 1984, with the Honolulu Police Department in Hawaii.  In Hawaii, I was a patrol officer in the downtown Waikiki area, as well as in the Intelligence and Enforcement Unit investigating organized crime.  In 1988, I moved to Orem, Utah, to work for the Orem Police Department.  In Orem, I was assigned to patrol, the gang task force, and the Community Education Unit teaching citizens about safety, drugs, gangs, bullying, and media awareness.  I was crossed trained as a fire fighter, and became an Arrest Control Tactics Instructor.

In 2003, I was assigned by the Police Chief to create a new drug awareness program.  With the help of Dr. Paul Jenkins, a child and family Psychologist, and several officers, the “N.O.V.A. Principles” program was created.  You can learn more about the N.O.V.A. Principles program by going to

In 2013, I stumbled across a Gyroplane video on YouTube.  My first reaction was, “What in the world is a Gryoplane?   After watching a ton of Gryoplane videos, I wanted to see one up close and fly in one.  I learned that in my home State of Utah, Airgyro Aviation out of Spanish Fork Airport, had one and that they do introductory flights.  I flew in an Autogyro Calidus (picture of the red Gyroplane below) with CFI Mike Burton and the rest is history.

 Home Of

 N90135    -    N417PC    -    N395SC

     I first soloed the N.O.V.A. Cop-Ter on April 18, 2016.  Then, on June 6, 2016, I received my Sport Pilot License.  I have put several video's of me flying the N.O.V.A. Cop-Ter on YouTube.  To view these video's of me flying the N.O.V.A. Cop-Ter, click on the buttons below.  Enjoy!

This is me on April 7, 2016, after soloing for the first time in this Autogyro MTO Sport.

     In January, of 2014, I bought a used Air Command Gyroplane.  I took it completely apart and rebuilt it with many, many upgrades.  I named my Gyroplane the “N.O.V.A. Cop-Ter", because my business is N.O.V.A., and I'm a Cop.  The picture below on the left is of the used Air Command Gyroplane when I first bought it.  The picture on the right was taken 2 years later after I re-built it.

Visit the "N.O.V.A. Cop-Ter" link to see all that was done.